The Expo is Coming!

April 18-19, 2020

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That’s right!!! Tickets are now on sale! You will want to snag your weekend passes early, or lock in your VIP Passes before they are all gone! This year our Early Bird pricing offers weekend passes for $40. That’s right! Both days for a great price. Supplies are limited, click below to order them – you won’t want to miss this event!!!

Our Guests

Jason David Frank "Tommy" from Power Rangers Samantha Smith Mary Winchester from Supernatural Annette Reilly Diana Spellman (Sabrina's mom) in
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Barbara Dunkelman The voice of Yang Xiao Long in RWBY,
Cosmos in Fairy Tail,
and ORF in X-Ray and Vav
Kara Eberle The voice of Weiss Schnee Marina Sirtis Counselor Deanna Troi Chris Claremont Creator of stories we love... Lindsay Jones The voice of Ruby Rose Arryn Zech The voice of Blake Belladonna Kim Rhodes Sheriff Jody Mills
from Supernatural
Osric Chau The prophet Kevin Tran
from Supernatural
James "Murr" Murray Member of the Tenderloins,
and an Impractical Joker
Sean Gunn Kraglin from
Guardians of the Galaxy
Kirk Gleason from the Gilmore Girls
Cooper Andrews Jerry from the Walking Dead, and
Victor, the foster dad in Shazam!
Rosearik Rikki Simons The voice of GIR from
Nickelodeon's Invader Zim
Stay Tuned,
THere are more
announcements to come!

Stay tuned, lot's more coming!

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