The 2022 Expo Cosplay contest will be held on Saturday April 23rd.


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Friday all day at Lula Cosplay booth

Sat till 1pm at Lula Cosplay Booth


Please read rules for further information

Cosplay Contest Rules
Costume has to be 75% handmade by entrant
No functional / real weapons 

Reference picture to be provided by entrant (printed or saved to device)

No offensive costumes 

Individuals entering Kids division must assist in making the cosplay


Advanced - 3+ years in contests, prior Beginner or Journeyman wins

Beginner - New to cosplay or has not won in Journeyman or higher

Kids - individuals under age 14 

Other awards will be handed out for Wig/Prop/Judges Choice/Etc.


The cosplay finals will be held in Panel Room A at 5:00 pm on Saturday April 23rd.