Bryan SilverbaX is a comic book writer who also does cover art and is known to do a bit of acting. Bryan's art has appeared on the cover of such comics as: The Department of Truth, The Recount, Haunted High Ons and many others. As an artist Bryan has also created licensed work for Marvel, Star Wars, Danny Trejo, Pro Wrestling Tees and to be announced soon. Bryan is a military veteran who has always loved comic books and movies and now he is truly living out his dream. He has created his own comic book universe called Kerra Prime that focuses on connected storytelling and using different creative teams. In between all of his comic book duties Bryan has found the time to work his way into movies and television. He is still early in his career but he has already appeared in projects like: The Walking Dead, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Creepshow, and Undercover Brother 2. It appears that Bryan's creative star is on the raise and there is no telling where you may see his creativity appear next.