Best known as the longest running character in the Power Rangers franchise, Paul Schrier’s role of Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier has delighted generations and appeared in over 300 episodes of the series. Most recently in 2018 he plays a new character, “Jack D. Thomas”, the PR Hyperforce Yellow Power Ranger. In addition to Directing more than 10 episodes of the long-running series, he’s also been in two PR feature films (20th Century Fox).

As an animation voice actor Paul in 2018 performed as “Flonk” in the Cartoon Network series Mighty MagiSwords. Other voice credits include UPN’s Teknoman as the evil “Saber”. As the Owl, “Ollie” in Eagle Riders, and in 2002’s JETIX series Daigunder he voiced “BoneRex”.

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