Jonathan William Lipnicki (born October 22, 1990) is an American actor and producer. He is known for his roles as a child actor in the films Jerry Maguire (1996), Stuart Little (1999) and its sequel of 2002, Stuart Little 2, The Little Vampire (2000), and Like Mike (2002).

Lipnicki made his film debut in Jerry Maguire as the son of Renée Zellweger’s character. He subsequently appeared on The Single Guy, The Jeff Foxworthy Show as well as episodes of Dawson’s Creek and the sitcom of 1997, Meego. In 1999, he starred in the film Stuart Little, playing a boy whose family adopts a talking mouse, a role he reprised in the film’s sequel of 2002.
He also played the lead, Tony Thompson, in the film of 2000, The Little Vampire and starred opposite Bow Wow in the film of 2002, Like Mike, which was released two weeks before Stuart Little 2. The latter films did relatively well in theatres, and Lipnicki has become known among pre teen audiences, although he has not appeared in a widely released film since, focusing mostly on independent films.
Lipnicki has also appeared in the season preview of Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up and When Zachary Beaver Came to Town.
He appeared on the comedy Motherlover on the YOMYOMF Network. Lipnicki currently trains in Mixed martial arts styles, but when asked whether he planned to ever fight professionally, he replied, “I’ve been pretty busy filming and I would need to put off a certain amount of time to really train for a fight and be in amazing cardio shape and really work on my striking more. I’m not saying no and I’m not saying yes.”[5]
Lipnicki most recently starred as a lead in the horror-thriller motion picture Broil, produced by the team behind It Follows. He also guest-starred in Antoine Fuqua’s The Resident.

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