Coming straight from Angel Grove is the Power Rangers official DJ – Rockstar DJ TRE!
“Fast pace, addictive beats that are on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s sound,” is one of the many ways to describe the sounds of Rockstar DJ TRE. Constantly remaining one step ahead of the trends, DJ TRE’s unique sounds have earned him the name of ‘The Rockstar” In a market over saturated with DJ’s, TRE outshines the sounds of others and
captivates his audience every time he steps up to the tables, keeping the dance floor packed from start to finish. With his clever ability to mix new sounds with old favorites, he unites himself with the
audience, no matter how large or small.

DJ Tre’s talents have landed him on stage with a number of actors like Tommy Oliver himself Jason David Frank, and artists including Nelly Furtado, Lil Jon, Hinder, Chris Brown, Ying Yang Twins, Candyland, Hawthorne Heights, Metro Station, Paper Diamond, and more. He has headlined shows such as Walker Stalker Con, Colorado Springs Comic Con, Scarefest, Lexington Comic Con, Days Of The Dead, Life In Color, Summer Camp Music Festival and more.