Claudia Wells has a varied TV & Film career, starring in 6 television series, over 60 TV shows, including Movies Of The Week,TV Series, school break specials, after school specials, and she started her career from age 8 to 12, singing in principle children’s roles in 10 operas at SF Grand Opera House.

Claudia Wells is most world-renowned for playing ‘Jennifer Parker,’ Michael J. Fox’ present-day girlfriend in the original hit film ‘Back To The Future.’
In 1991, Claudia opened Armani Wells,
a high end resale shop just for MEN in Studio City, CA, which she personally runs. It’s in the same location for nearly 30 years!! One of her passions is to help men look their best, in the finest clothes in the world, yet only pay a fraction of the cost. Ms Wells also travels the world on speaking engagements & personal appearances. Her heart is to help those in need & having success as a single mother, entrepreneur running her own business, to also empower other women that they can be more than they ever thought was possible, based on her own life experiences & the grace of God in her life.
Claudia’s calling is to encourage & bring out the best in others, whether through dressing men at her store, meeting fans at appearances, speaking to corporate groups or helping kids at Foster Care Facilities.

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