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John Sherwood de Lancie, Jr. is an American actor, directorproducerwriter, and comedian, best known for his role as Q in various Star Trek series (1987–present); beginning with Star Trek: The Next Generation and leading right up to the second season of Star Trek: Picard in 2022.

His other television series roles include Eugene Bradford in Days of Our Lives (1982–1986; 1989–1990), Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1 (2001–2002), Donald Margolis in Breaking Bad (2009–2010), Agent Allen Shapiro in Torchwood (2011), as well as the voice of Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2011–2019)

De Lancie portrayed Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994), and in episodes of several subsequent series taking place during that era. He is notable for his chaotic, mischievous personality and use of fewer contractions. He is one of the few characters appearing in multiple series of the franchise: Eight episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("Encounter at Farpoint", "Hide and Q", "Q Who", "Deja Q", "Qpid", "True Q", "Tapestry", "All Good Things..."), one episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ("Q-Less"), three episodes of Star Trek: Voyager ("Death Wish," "The Q and the Grey," "Q2"), and one episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks ("Veritas"). De Lancie's son Keegan de Lancie appeared with his father as Q Junior in one episode of Star Trek: Voyager ("Q2").

Initially, de Lancie was too busy to audition for the part of Q, but Gene Roddenberry (whom he did not know) arranged a second opportunity. De Lancie recognized that even though Star Trek was only a small part of his career, it opened doors for him. In a 2012 interview, de Lancie stated that he recalled his original audition for Q, after which Roddenberry approached him, touched him on the shoulder, and said, "You make my writing sound better than it is."

In April 2021, it was announced that de Lancie would reprise his role of Q in the second season of Star Trek: Picard.

In addition to his role in Star Trek, de Lancie appeared in many other television series. In 1982, he started his career as a popular actor on Days of Our Lives as Eugene Bradford. He also co-starred in Michael Piller's creation Legend and had recurring roles in Stargate SG-1 as an NID agent. He guest-starred in multiple television series, including Breaking Bad as Donald MargolisThe West WingCharmedAndromedaThe UnitMacGyverLaw & Order: LATorchwood: Miracle DayTouched by an AngelTime Trax, the 1980s revival of Mission: Impossible, and Special Unit 2.

His film credits include The Hand that Rocks the CradleGet Smart, Again!The Fisher KingBad InfluenceThe Onion FieldTaking Care of BusinessFearlessArcadeMultiplicityWoman on TopGood AdvicePathologyEvolverReign Over MeMy ApocalypseCrank: High Voltage, and You Lucky Dog.

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