Huntsville Quidditch- Join member of the Huntsville Quidditch team for a live demo and explanation of how Quidditch works and how you can become invloved!

Lupo Zingaro- Josia and David bring an awesome twist to songs you love. You will not want to miss them!

Marc Gunn- The Celtfather will grace us with his presence and bring some of his amazing songs. Nothing like Celtic music with nerdy themes!

Cosplay/Anime Dating Game- Join Shout Out World as they bring this hilarious game show matching cosplayers in a classic dating game show style!

NACC Photo Shoot- Join the members of the North Alabama Cosplayers Club on stage immediately after the Cosplay Contest for an epic photo shoot. You don't have to be a member of the group to take part either. This will be an awesome photo as we will have a ton of photographers from several angles getting awesome shots!

Cosplay Contest Finals- Come see the amazing cosplayers as they showcase their amazing wares!

Silent Auction- We will announce all the high bids for the silent auction items. 100% of money raised from this goes directly to The Kids to Love Foundation.

Melbourne- Meet some of the cast and crew of the Star Trek Fan Film "Melbourne"

Cosplay 101 with Haiden Hazard- Cosplay Superstar Haiden Hazard will give great tips for Cosplaying and be available to answer questions

Akioboy- Akioboy will be on site to deliver an awesome and sure to be hilarious panel!

Joey Fatone- Come hear former NSYNC member Joey Fatone talk all about his career and even ask him a question or two!

Mike Grell- Comic artist Mike Grell will be answering all your questions

BioGamer Girl- BioGamer Girl will be there talking about what its like working in video games and how to get involved in the video game industry

µ's Music Break- Come check out a talented group of dancers as they perform some group dances from the show Love Live!

Complete Nerd Authority- Main Stage Trivia! Come compete for a chance to win prizes discussing anything from comics, movies, tv shows and more!

Geek!- Come see a few scenes from the play "Geek!" 

Riddler Trivia- Join Shout Out world as they do some Batman themed trivia

Dr. Who with Matthew Kresal- Dr. Who expert Matthew Kresel will be spinning tales and dropping knowledge all about Dr. Who

David Yost- Join the original Blue Power Ranger David Yost and learn all about his career in front of and behind the camera

Chris Claremont- Come hear Comic Book legendary writer talk all about his career working on X-Men and other titles. 

Expeliarmus: Disarming Childhood Bullies- Join YA Authors Ashley Chappell and A.G. Porter as they explore the various representations of bullying in the world of Harry Potter and the lessons on helping children overcome it. All ages welcome and it's definitely for the younger Harry Potter Fans!

Rocket Punch- Rocket Punch will be talking about what it's like being a nerd in the South!

Saturday           Main Stage             Panel Room    

10:15-10:45                           Welcome                                                Melbourne

11:00-11:45                           Huntsville Quidditch                              Cosplay 101 with Haiden Hazard

12:00-12:45                           Lupo Zingaro                                         Akioboy

1:00-1:45                               Marc Gunn                                             Joey Fatone

2:00-2:45                               Cosplay/Anime Dating Game                 Mike Grell

3:00-3:45                               Cosplay Contest Finals                           BioGamer Girl

3:45-4:15                               NACC Photo Shoot

4:00-4:45                                                                                           µ's Music Break  

4:15-4:45                               Silent Auction Results                                             


12:00-12:45                         Complete Nerd Authority                         Dr. Who with Matthew Kresal
1:00-1:45                             Geek!                                                       David Yost
2:00-2:45                             Marc Gunn                                               Chris Claremont
3:00-3:45                             Riddler Trivia                                Expeliarmus: Disarming Childhood Bullies
4:00-4:45                                                                                            Rocket Punch

5:00                                     Closing Ceremonies