Panel Room A

1Opening Ceremonies9:00-9:30Panel Room A
2Super Sentai10:00-10:45Panel Room A
3Talking Comics with the Pro's11:00-11:45Panel Room A
4Legendary Talk with Kevin Sorbo12:00-12:45Panel Room A
5It's Morphin' Time!1:00-1:45Panel Room A
6It's Funnymaine Time!2:00-2:45Panel Room A
7AkioBoy3:00-3:45Panel Room A
8Cosplay Contest4:00-????Panel Room A
1Meet the Alabama 501st12:15-12:45Panel Room A
2Talking Voices with Johnny Yong Bosch1:00-1:45Panel Room A
3Earth Station One2:00-2:45Panel Room A
4"Super Size Me"3:00-3:45Panel Room A
5Can a squib see a Dementor? The Genetics of Harry Potter4:00-4:45Panel Room A

Opening Ceremonies – Come get a rundown of all the awesome events happening over the weekend.

Super Sentai- Come discuss the history of Power Rangers before there was Power Rangers. Lav Rogers shares the details of Super Sentai and what it was in Japan before it was the Power Rangers here in America and around the world

Talking Comics with the Pro’s- Join our legendary comic creator special guest as they discuss what it is like working in the industry.

It’s Morphin Time with JYB and ASJ- Come hear from Johnny Yong Bosch and Austin St. John all about their time on Power Rangers. Be sure to head to the photo ops room next door after it for an amazing combo Photo Op

It’s Funnymaine time!- Come hear from Jermaine “Funnymaine” Johnson as he talks about his progression from standup comic to social media superstar with his videos!

AkioBoy- Join Akioboy and hear what they are up to and be prepared to laugh your head off

Cosplay Contest- Join us for the always awesome cosplay contest! We will have amazing costumes and props on display, you don’t want to miss this!

Meet the Alabama 501st– Come learn all about the 501st and how they are an amazing charity organization. Learn how you too can be a bad guy doing good things!

Talking Voices with Johnny Yong Bosch- Johnny Yong Bosch has voiced some of your favorite anime characters. Come listen as he talks about the process of being an amazing Voice Over Actor

Earth Station One- Come hear one of the most amazing pod cast teams as they discuss some of their favorite nerdy topics

“Super Size Me”- Join Brian Stiehle as he talks about some of the best comic book properties that deserve a shot at the big screen!

“Can a squib see a Dementor? The Genetics of Harry Potter”- Magic is often described as actions that can not be explained by science. One of the goals of the Wizarding Wars in Harry Potter was to subjugate and/or exterminate Muggle-born wizards, those wizards born to non-magical parents. Would knowledge of Genetics prevented this? A theory on how genetics might work in the magical world to explain the science behind muggle-born wizards, squibs, and more will be presented

Panel Room B

1Doctor Who: New Who at 1312:15-12:45Panel Room B
2NACC1:00-1:45Panel Room B
3Production Time!2:00-2:45Panel Room B
4Local Comics Creators3:00-3:45Panel Room B
5Dungeon Master AMA4:00-4:45Panel Room B
1Saturday Morning Cartoons9:00-10:45Panel Room B
2Wigging out with Hikari11:00-11:45Panel Room B
3Cosplay for Elders12:00-12:45Panel Room B
4Okay to Not Be Okay1:00-1:45Panel Room B
5Playing Games with Rocket Punch2:00-2:45Panel Room B
6Pop Culture Philosophers3:00-3:45Panel Room B
7Inverse Press4:00-4:45Panel Room B

Saturday Morning Cartoons- Come spend some time watching great Saturday morning cartoons!

Wigging out with Hikari- Come join Hikari Shindou as she talks about everything cosplay. From basics to sculpting the perfect wig you won’t want to miss this!

Cosplay for Elders- Grace Gifford will detail what it’s like to start cosplaying when you’re just hitting your stride. Come listen to what she did and is still doing!

Okay to Not be Okay- An Open discussion on very serious topics in the cosplay community and what we can do to stop it. (Not recommended for children)

Playing Games with Rocket Punch- Come join the crew from rocket Punch and discuss the Successes and Failures of Licensed Gaming

Pop Culture Philosophers- Come join the crew from PCP and talk about Pod Casting and Pop Culture.

Inverse Press – Come hear from the team at Inverse Press, A comic company from South Alabama as they talk all about how to get started and stay successful in the comic industry

Doctor Who: New Who At 13- This spring marks thirteen years since Doctor Who had its 21st century regeneration. With the Thirteenth Doctor’s tenure set to begin later this year, Huntsville’s resident Doctor Who expert Matthew Kresal offers up a look back at the show. We’ll be taking in five Doctors, two showrunners, an anniversary special, and so much more.

NACC- Come learn all about the North Alabama Cosplay Club and what they do. From beginner cosplayers to advanced we have something for everyone!

Production time!- Join Alex Gibson as he talks about the film making community in North Alabama and what you can do to get involved.

Local Comic Creators- Join some local comic creators as they discuss how they began their own companies and have been able to sustain them and what you can do to start as well!

Dungeon Master AMA- Join long time D&D player Daniel Walters as he accepts all kinds of questions and discusses how you can make the jump from player to Dungeon Master.